Monday, March 22, 2010

goat barn in the making

One of the reasons I've been so slow at posting here is that I've been working on our new goat barn in all of my spare time. It's a work in progress. Right now it is a shed row style with two stories. The second story if for hay storage. I plan to add another side on when the budget permits.

Trusty Rusty (the old red trailer) makes good scaffolding.

We got the roof on over the weekend

Lots to do still!


Here's my first attempt at a raw milk Feta.

Science experiment maybe, feta yes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Into High Gear

Holy crap, Spring is here! I've been so busy I forgot to blog. Most of my extra time has gone into building the new goat barn. I think Danielle has a post dedicated to that going up today, so as not to reinvent the wheel, hop over to her blog for more on the goat barn raising.

We have two goats that are due to freshen in the next week and preparations are being made for the flurry of activity that will follow.

Jacqsonne is milking away and we are making cheese about every three days. I've been making mostly chevre because I cannot keep up with the demand; however, I've been able to sneak in another batch of the non-camembert experiment and last night a batch of feta. I've never made feta before. I'm excited!

I'm usually wrapping up my pruning in the vineyards about this time in March, but not this year. I usually get started on the pruning around mid-January. We had so much snow this year and is stayed around that I was not able to get into the vineyards until a couple weeks ago. I've just barely started. I'm way behind! I hope I finish before bud break.

I've got to run and do something with the Feta. I'll get some pictures up soon.