Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Valencay Update

We cut into my first Valencay last Saturday at the Lynchburg Community Market and shared it with the bread people over at Lorraine Bakery. It was very mild and creamy. The flavor was very subtle and slighty earthy. Maybe a hint of mushroom. My palate is not that distinguished yet. It was about two weeks old. I'm going to cut into another one of the same batch this week and see how it is developing. I'm stoked!

Above is what the Valencay looked like at two weeks old

Here it is at about 3 weeks. We'll cut another one this weekend. The rind is very bloomy!

I'm still making chevre at least twice a week. We are staying busy! Goat barn, hay making, and garden updates coming soon!

I made another batch last week.

Here is a cheese getting ready to be dusted with ash

Here is the same batch at 7 days old

We're still making chevre at least twice a week too. Definitely keeping busy! I'll have gardening, hay making, vineyard, and goat barn updates coming soon.

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